About this VPN

VPN is virtual private network which can connect users from different networks.

VPN users are act like they are in one network but can be located far away from each other.

Why VPN is needed?

Reason #1: Abuse prevention

In order to protect other Internet users & services from our users activity. We need to isolate them and our services in isolated network in order to avoid responsibility.

For example, in case when some our users use mail server to send a spam our hoster can suspend our server. Downtime is not problem only for us this problem for other users.

Reason #2: Unexpected downloads prevention

Modern software depends on internet. It almost always try to download dependencies and addons from internet. If no Internet connection is available this software is can't be used.

Umvirt Linux From Scratch (ULFS) - is autonomous infrasctucture, it should work when no Internet connection is available therefore all requests to other servers should be blocked. VPN is blocks all requests to other servers, it allows to develop and debug ULFS in pseudo autonomous environment.

Reason #3: NAT mitigation

Some times users wish to share access to their computers with other users. They have to use various proprietary services because Network Access Translation (NAT) is happens. NAT is hide IP-adresses so users can't communicate each other directly. VPN allows users to mitigate NAT influence and allow users perform to direct communication.

Use cases:

  1. Multiplayer Gaming (TCP/IP, IPX over TCP/IP)
  2. Remote support (VNC, SSH)
  3. Messaging (E-mail, XMPP)
  4. Sites & services development (HTTP, HTTPS)

What we suggest?

We suggest isolated VPN network based on open-source WireGuard technology.

Wireguard is simpler and faster than alternatives. It can be used on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android devices.

Before using this VPN you have to generate private and public keys according to Wireguard instructions.

It's safe?

No, it's not safe because our users are potential abusers. Before using this VPN you should make backups and configure firewall.

It's stable?

No, it's not stable because development still in proccess.